Household insurance

Household insurance products protect your property against natural disasters, burglary and acts of vandalism. In addition, the insurance cover may be extended to include special risks, such as temporary overvoltage or glass breaking. The insurance applies especially to movables that represent the furnishing of your flat, i.e. furniture, appliances, valuables and cash. In addition, it also applies to things kept and stored on non-residential premises (e.g. storage unit or garage).

Let us not forget third party liability insurance, which applies to ordinary life situations, such as when a broken water pipe causes damage to your neighbours' property, or when your dog causes damage to a third party.

However, the household insurance does not protect the real estate property within which the household is located (flat, private home, etc.). Which is why we recommend that you also take out property insurance.

Make an appointment with our insurance adviser, who (upon the basis of an analysis of your needs) will help you select the most convenient product(s) based on price and insurance cover. This meeting represents no obligation on your part and the services are free.