Legal expenses insurance for businesspersons

Legal expenses insurance is intended mostly for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Its purpose is to protect your company in the event of legal issues related to your goods or establishment, the operation of the company, labour relations, insured events, the operation of company cars, etc.

The insurance company will provide legal advice; it will bear the costs incurred with respect to the hiring of an attorney or authorised expert, court fees and other necessary costs. In addition, it will seek the satisfaction of your claims (damage compensation, insurance payment, etc.).

Legal expenses insurance for individuals

Legal expenses insurance is an insurance product which ensures qualified representation of legal interests of the insurant in exchange for relatively low insurance premium payments, without risking financial difficulties on his or her part.
Several options of this form of insurance are offered:

  • legal expenses insurance for drivers
  • legal expenses insurance for families
  • legal expenses insurance for motor vehicle owners
  • legal expenses insurance in the event of an injury
  • legal expenses insurance in the event of labour-law disputes
  • legal expenses insurance with respect to real estate ownership

This insurance product is offered by several insurance companies (variations apply).

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