Liability insurance

Liability insurance products enable you to compensate damages caused to a third party due to your business activities.

Overview of key insurance products:

  • general liability insurance

The purpose of liability insurance is to provide cover in the event of damages caused by the insurant's business activities to third parties.

  • product liability insurance

This insurance product covers the manufacturer's liability for their defective product which has caused damage to a third party. Product liability and the related damages are governed by the provisions of act number 59/1998 Coll.

  • professional liability insurance

This form of insurance is taken out by insurants who are likely to cause damage to third persons in relation to their professional activities. This form of insurance is suitable for professions that entail intellectual input, i.e. special education, authorisation, experience, etc. might be necessary for them.

  • compulsory liability insurance with respect to damages due to serious accidents

This form of insurance applies to damages caused to third persons due to serious accidents, in the event that the insurant shall be responsible for such damages pursuant to the provisions of a particular legal regulation.

  • liability insurance with respect to damage caused by members of statutory bodies of a company (company management)

This insurance product applies to damages caused in the course of execution of one's office, e.g. due to negligence, error, wrong statement, failure to act etc.

  • liability insurance for road haulers

This form of insurance covers damages to cargo. It is intended for all providers of freight transportation services who conduct their business activities upon the basis of a valid trade license or permit issued by a transportation authority.

  • liability insurance for forwarders

This form of insurance is intended for companies which operate forwarding businesses on the basis of a valid trading certificate.

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