Real estate insurance - private homes, buildings, etc.

Real estate insurance provides protection against damage caused by natural disasters (e.g. floods, tempests, hailstorms, fires, explosions, lightning strikes, landslides, etc.) as well as against other risks such as damage to the building caused by burglary or acts of vandalism.

This form of insurance may apply to various types of real estate property:

  • private homes and apartment buildings
  • privately owned apartments and non-residential premises
  • cooperative apartments and joint-ownership interest
  • weekend cottages
  • privately owned garages which are not a part of the residence
  • buildings under construction (bonus rates apply)
  • secondary buildings and structures (garages, fencing, pools, gates, PB tanks, etc.)
  • building material, building machinery and tools used for the construction, maintenance and renovation of the insured building

A suitable addition to a real estate insurance product is liability insurance arising from the ownership, leasehold or lease of real estate property.

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