Property insurance

This insurance product provides protection for your company's movable and immovable assets against natural hazards (fire, floods, hailstorms, snow loads, water piping failure), but also in the event of theft or acts of vandalism.

It is a highly flexible insurance product enabling the satisfaction of the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as the less common needs of larger industrial premises.

Brief overview of key insurance products:

  • insurance of immovable assets

This form of insurance is related to various kinds of property (offices, buildings, plants, shops, etc.) owned or leased by the businessperson (insurant). You can take out insurance against damages caused by natural disasters, acts of vandalism or theft.

  • insurance of movable assets

Movable assets, such as plants and equipment, inventories and assets owned by third persons can be insured against damage, destruction or theft.

  • machinery insurance

The purpose of this insurance product is to protect your machinery, including accessories, against damage, destruction, any insured event or theft.

  • insurance of electronic equipment, including photovoltaic power stations

The purpose of this insurance product is to protect electronic equipment, including accessories. The insurance cover applies to any damage or destruction of the insured asset due to any insured event, including theft or burglary.

  • construction and assembly insurance

The purpose of this insurance product is to protect construction and assembly activities. It also helps when material damage is caused, arising from construction or assembly activities; it includes the liability for damage suffered by any third party which takes part in the activities on the respective site, including cross liability.

  • operation interruption insurance

The purpose of this product is to protect your business activities; it shall represent a compensation in the event of financial losses due to the interruption or reduction of your company's operations or business activities. The insurance settlement is used to compensate the lost profit and the costs incurred to restore operations.

  • insurance of municipalities

This insurance product has been designed to suit the specific needs of municipalities and entities founded by municipalities. It may represent a comprehensive insurance of assets owned by a municipality - immovable or movable assets, assets owned by your municipality or third persons' assets used by the municipality. It also includes a one-of-a-kind third party liability insurance that covers the liability of your municipality and entities founded by the municipality for damages caused to third persons.

  • freight insurance

The purpose of this form of insurance is to protect transported goods and consignments.

This freight insurance product may include the following, at your discretion:
      - liability insurance for road carriers
      - liability insurance for forwarders
      - insurance of transported valuables
      - insurance of consignments in transport
      - insurance of goods in transport by road

  • insurance of vessels and aircraft

The purpose of this insurance is to protect your vessel (passenger ships, cargo ships, powerboats, yachts, sailboats) and to provide financial cover in the event of damage, destruction or theft. The insurance cover also applies to motor room, accessories, equipment and vessel operation liability.

Would you like to find out about the most suitable product and insurance company for the required insurance cover? Make an appointment with our insurance adviser, who (upon the basis of an analysis of your needs) will help you select the most convenient product(s) based on price and insurance cover. This meeting represents no obligation on your part and the services are free.