CIU Membership

IMG a.s. is a member of the association of legal persons named the Czech Insurance Union (CIU)

  • Main activities and projects of the Czech Insurance Union aim at the improving of services for its clients, increasing of financial and legal knowledge of inhabitants in the Czech Republic, creating a platform for a reciprocal using of selling channels, sharing special know-how and resources, protecting and implementing of common interests of its members.

The Czech Insurance Union consists on the top from the Board represented by Mr. Vratislav Hybner (IMG a.s.), Mr. Vlastimil Navrátil (Total Brokers a.s.), Mr. Roman Kratochvíl (Bohemia Servis Finance a.s.), Mr. Petr Kmoch (PETRISK INTERNATIONAL – makléřská pojišťovací společnost a.s.) and Mr. Filip Bouček (TARAKAN, a.s.).