Life insurance with tax allowance options

Life insurance represents a convenient protection for you and your family in the event of unforeseeable life-affecting situations, such as death, injury, incapacity for work, etc. It can provide you with the financial resources needed to cover the costs of the treatment of serious illnesses, as well as a source of income in the event of a full disability pension.

Significant benefits of life insurance include tax savings.

A life insurance policy that complies with the provisions of the applicable legislation will allow you to reduce your tax base by as much as CZK 12,000 a year.

Modern life insurance products offer maximum flexibility. You can set up your insurance package according to your needs. In addition, you can adjust it according to your current situation at any time.
This insurance includes a capitalizing investment amount in the case of which we will let you actively participate in the decision-making process regarding the administration of your financial resources by selecting from among several investment funds and programmes.

This insurance product is offered by several insurance companies (variations apply).

Would you like to find out about the most suitable product and insurance company for your needs and goals? Make an appointment with our insurance adviser. This meeting represents no obligation on your part. Following an analysis of your needs, he or she will help you select the most convenient product(s) based on your age, life situation, price and insurance cover. The services are free.