Liability insurance

Third party liability insurance applicable to ordinary life situations

Personal liability insurance applies particularly to risks associated with ordinary life situations.
The insurance cover applies to damages accidentally caused to third persons, mostly in relation to household-related activities, bike riding, recreational sports, horseback riding or damages caused by the insurant in the position of an owner or keeper of small pets or livestock.

Liability insurance with respect to the possession or ownership of real estate

The insurance cover applies to the insured owner, possessor, tenant or building manager and their liability for damage caused to third persons in relation to the particular building. The insurance company will indemnify losses suffered by third persons for which you are liable – e.g. if a fire damages a neighbouring property, if a piece of roof cladding falls down and damages someone else's property, if a tree breaks and damages a neighbour's house, etc.

Professional (employee) liability insurance

Professional (employee) liability insurance covers damages caused by the insurant to his or her employee due to his or her breach of obligations based on fault in the course of the fulfilment of his or her work-related duties. Your insurance company will bear the costs of the damages for which you are liable upon the basis of your actions or relationships during the insurance contract term, pursuant to the Labour Act or similar legal regulation.

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