Compulsory car insurance

Compulsory car insurance" is a well-established and familiar term referring to third party car insurance. This product is mandatory under the applicable legislation. It provides insurance cover in the event of damages caused to third persons by the operation of your vehicle.

Compulsory car insurance must be taken out for all vehicles for which a licence plate or registration papers have been issued, or if such a vehicle is used as a roadworthy vehicle. Provisions of act number 168/1999 Coll. apply.

In the event of failure to take out compulsory car insurance, sanctions can be imposed pursuant to the provisions of an amendment to act number 168/1999 Coll., which became effective on 1st June 2008.

As a new client who has taken out compulsory car insurance, you may be entitled to some free bonuses (depending on each insurance company's offer), such as insurance against natural hazards, insurance against collisions with animals, driver casualty insurance, trailer insurance or extended roadside assistance (a.k.a. breakdown cover), etc.

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